Sunday, April 24, 2016

Music rant

David Finley, Bruce Baker, GianMarco Beltram, Windi Sebren, and a couple of others, you are exempt from this.

Open letter to the rest of you:

I did not know you liked Prince.

I did not hear from you that David Bowie was the most amazing performed you had ever seen; that the concert of his you saw changed your life.

I did not know that the soundtrack to your life was exclusively written and performed by Merle Haggard.

You never said. I never heard you talking about going out to hear the live music.  I never got to watch the uploaded video of you screaming out the lyrics to your favorite song in a karaoke bar.

I DID watch that kitten video you posted.  It was cute.

But why did you wait until after he died to eulogize Prince?  I started watching the videos, and mercy.  I understand why I was not a fan when I was growing up.  He was too edgy, combining a raw male sexuality with femininity in a way that I did not have any mechanism to interpret.  I enjoyed his music a lot; I know all the lyrics to his popular tunes, and I
loved the sexual innuendoes that pervaded each lyric. I even went to Glam Slam the one time I was in Minneapolis (a friend was a HUGE fan).

But I did not really know about his musicality until you started sharing the videos yesterday.  I missed an opportunity to recognize his genius when he was alive... because you didn't tell me you were a fan. How had I missed this?  Sure, MTV showed the polished videos of Prince back in the 80s, but heck - even the Backstreet Boys had polished videos.

I'm talking about music, because that is a passion of mine, and because after watching the video of his induction into the Hall of Fame, I was just floored.  But for all of the fact that music floats my little red wagon, the same applies to every venue: artists, actors, gem polishers, mimes, flint knappers, all of the people who fill your life with meaning...

Please.  Let's change that.  Tell me who you listen to, who you watch, and where I should go and see the play that changed your life.

Tell me, so that I can glory in their brilliance, revel in their genius, and light up with a new-found gem that I can carry with me. I want to see what changed your life, and maybe have a chance at the same thing. And please, please, please,

Don't wait until they are dead.  Because then it will be too late.

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Julie D. said...

OK, fair enough.

Prince and David Bowie impacted my world in deep and seriously profound ways. There are a number of musicians who have, and who I never want to leave this world. I'm going to start you off with one of the most impactful and devastating... the one that has quite literally changed my life in tangible ways. The one who I love and revere above all others.

Einst├╝rzende Neubauten is my favorite band of all time. They are German, and have been around quite a while. In the 80's/90's, they were very raw, industrial, avant garde. As they have aged, their music has changed with their maturing personalities, particularly that of the lead singer, and driving force behind the band, Blixa Bargeld. He is .... he's amazing. Incredible. He was a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds for many years as well, if you are familiar with that band at all. I'm going to start you off with a selection of videos that spans several decades and you tell me what, if any of it, strikes your fancy so I can lead you to more.

Alles -

Sabrina -

Sehnsucht -

The Garden -

Sand -

I Kissed Glen Gould -

Heaven Is Of Honey -

Perpetuum Mobile -

Armenia -

Ende Neue -

Headcleaner -

Once you tell me your impressions of Neubauten, I will share more more so much more. I could talk about music, art, literature, design, fashion, art FOREVER.