Why "Cloro"?

I have been asked for an explanation for the blog title. 

My apodo - Spanish for nickname - was given me during fieldwork in Guatemala in 2005.  I had survived one Campeche, one Veracruz and three Yucatecan field seasons with my only apodo being güero – the light-haired guy. But discussions with my guys in the field about how to pronounce my name (the “Cr” is even more difficult for Latinos than for gringos), they decided that Crorey is pronounced “Clory”. And the way to remember that is that it sounds like Cloro (AKA Clorox).

Jeanette, the project co-director, was talking to me a few days later, and in a stern voice, said, “Lapton, this is how it is supposed to be!” I didn’t even blink – my name has been pronounced so many ways, I just respond to whatever. But the second time she said it, Matt heard it and burst out laughing.

So Clorox Laptop it was.

My blog is a lot like me.  It has funny elements, serious elements, and continually makes analogies and connections that are off-the-wall for the most part. 

That's just how my brain works.

So I write the blog to get those analogies down, to think about them more carefully, and figure out how I should work, to live my life better.

And if I get them out of the brainpan, then nobody gets hurt.


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