Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Remote Goat

A friend of mine once explained the concept of the Remote Goat to me.  Pasteurization laws being what they are, you cannot - at least in the state of WV - buy or sell unpasteurized dairy products.  So if you want fresh goat cheese or milk, you have to raise the goat yourself.

I know what you're thinking.  What better place than West-by-God-Virginia for raising goats yourself?

Cute kids. Just don't try to find them in Dr. Anderson's yard.
Answer: in the urban areas, WBGV is much like any other urban area.  Charleston and Huntington both have zones where raising livestock is infeasible. (I visited my friend David Anderson in Charleston a few years ago, and cannot imagine a goat in his yard.)

The answer to the problem of getting fresh dairy is to join a "Remote Goat" collective.  You pay your money into a pool, and a local farmer gives you a partial stake in a goat.  Your stake in the goat(s) pays dividends, payable in fresh dairy products.  Legal.  Sensible.  Beneficial for the farmer.  Beneficial for the consumer. 


My problem is, I have not been able to find a comparable program here in Louisiana or Mississippi (or anywhere online, for that matter).  I assume that the footprint of any such program is kept small intentionally.  Shipping/delivery costs would have to be kept to a minimum, and would be subject to other rules and regulations.  But if anyone has heard of a similar program, I would be very interested in participating.

At least so that when people ask me about my stock portfolio, I can respond that I have interests in small agriculture...

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